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Added Items to the Shop!
TyberiaesAdmin posted 2 days 8 hours ago.
Everyone God Apples have been added to the shop and spiders eyes enjoy. If there are any other suggestions for the shop please post them on the forum thanks for your feedback!
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Strength Potions + more
ZarriixOwner posted 4 days 1 hour ago.
Hello Wanted!

A week ago we asked you guys, if it was a good idea to make strength potions good again. 

The answers were clear, you all wanted the old strength potions back, 
therefor as of this post the normal strength potion is now enabled again. 
The regeneration potion was actually also affected by this plugin, it is now also how it normally is.

We would also like to ask you guys what you think about the kits, more specifically the armor in the kits. 
The poll below has a question about whether we should change the kits.
The poll is only for donors so if you are not a donor please do not vote.

Poll for Kit armor

That is all for now, please post your thoughts about this in below. 
If you have anything else to say please make a forum post.

Have a nice day

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Boosting Strength Potions
ZarriixOwner posted 2 weeks ago.
Hello Wanted

Recently we have had suggestions about boosting strength potions, (http://bit.ly/QKspu6)
I would like YOUR opinion. So please vote here

Strength Potion Poll

This vote will determine the outcome of this little potion matter.
Thank you for your cooperation.

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My Resignation
NYbeast posted 4 weeks ago.
Hello all. After a year of being on the server, I am making my leave. On Wanted, I have been through a lot, I have made and lost friends, and quickly ranked up to become an admin. Wanted was my favourite server and just after the leaving of Will, my motivation began to deteriorate. Lately, as some of you may know, I have been trying to get more active, and unfortunately, it did not cut it. I would like to thank a few people who I have met during my time:
Billy1956c- Introducing me to the server
Yomama362- Being a great Head Admin who, despite all the hate, was there the whole time.
US_RUDY- One of my real friends who not too long ago, became an admin just like myself
Aptitude,1337, and Scourge- Factions I have belonged to or have been allied to, many I still know today
Will_Will_13- The old Co-Owner, Java Teacher, and friend
Lynx_HD- An old player, who was promoted with me, one of my original friends
Demon, imkyns, ID, and TurtlePower- More recent friends
Just_Nico and Zarrix- When Wanted was at its lowest, you two took the challenge to improve it, and it certainly is getting there.
Everyone else- You guys have given me an experience I will always remember.

Well, this is it guys. Some of you will see me on other servers and I look forward to playing with you again. Stay Strong Wanted, thanks for everything!

~Ex-Admin: NY
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TeamSpeak 3 Server!
Just_NicoOwner posted 4 weeks 1 day ago.
Hello everyone, we're am here to announce WantedPvP now has a Teamspeak 3 server! You can join and talk to other players and more! Teamspeak is safer than skype, so don't be worried about getting DDoS'd by other players etc. If you don't have Teamspeak 3 already, you can download it here: http://www.teamspeak.com/?page=downloads">http://www.teamspeak.com/?page=downloads
Once you donwload it and setup your microphone, connect to our Teamspeak 3 server ip: ts.wantedpvp.net:9433
Then start talking with other players! The server is only 15 slots right now, if the server gets full all the time, we will upgrade to more slots but for now join and invite your friends to chat with us!
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