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Server Map Reset

Pro_Miner909 aHead-Admin posted Mon at 16:31

Hello, minecrafters

We have decided to have a map reset because we have plans to fix the economy and forcing more of the hardcore part to the server to make it more like the old wanted if you would like us to add anything for the reset comment the idea below

RESET DATE: 22.May 2015

Machoman345 Member It is the 24 are you going to reset it?
kingalle7 Member When will it reset? What time? It was supposed to happen yesterday so plz tell me.
kadyn123 Member how do i join the game it hasn't been working for me

We Are Back

Pro_Miner909 aHead-Admin posted May 9, 15

We are back online for all you mine crafters waiting to join an awesome hardcore faction server! 

We are working hard to restore the server back to how it was most updates will come in the reset.

Make sure to visit us on the server Wantedcraft.net 

Emergency Server Downtime

Pro_Miner909 aHead-Admin posted May 6, 15

Hello, Minecrafters!

As some of you know we have had to have some emergency downtime due to massive updates to our dedicated server. This update will help make our gameplay a lot smoother. This could take minutes or hours or a day or two.

We will let you know more once the team gets more information.

We are really Sorry for the inconvenience.

We will be backup as soon as possible!  

Better than ever Y'all!  OldManSr

OldManJr Member NOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!! My life is down for a bit :( :/ lol

User Login/Register Problems

Pro_Miner909 aHead-Admin posted May 2, 15

Hello users

Some of you who have NOT added your minecraft character to your account will not be able to browse the site till u have added your MC character we have had to force this because people are making new accounts to bypass bans.

We are sorry for the inconvenience 

Congrats to our new staff member!

Pro_Miner909 aHead-Admin posted Apr 23, 15

Please congratulate connorDon on getting trainee!

Darkpvp1321 Member congrats
connerDON Trainee Thanks!
deltix x Congrats Connor!!
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