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Pro_Miner909 aHead-Admin posted Tue at 11:14


We have done what we can if the server keeps crashing we will have another look but it should be fine for players to play on now

Hello, Minecrafters

As some of you know the servers are crashing and we have been working on this for the last week we are still looking into the solution but now it is affecting people's logins so we are closing the network on the 26th (Tomorrow) To be able to perform multiple updates to ALL SERVERS - If anyone has any issues or any questions please make a support ticket @

Pigbull320 Server Build "momma always said server is as server does."

-----------------------------------==============={ Update }===============-----------------------------------

The Survival Server Will Be Back Online At 8PM GMT+1 (UnitedKingdom, London) Completely Reset And With A Command You Can Randomly TP To A Free Space In The Map!

-----------------------------------==============={ Update }===============-----------------------------------

Hello, Minecrafters 

We have located a problem in our servers 2 databases have corrupted we have tried everything to get this fixed, but unfortunately it's unfixable. We have decided to MOVE the RESET DATE to 

Tuesday 18th August 2015!

We are sorry about the short notice but we are not able to fix any grief reports and some locketted chests are not working or allowing users that are not allowed to access them to enter the chest and take items 


We are sorry for the inconvenience

Thanks for your time

Pro_Miner909 - Head-Admin/Dev-Manager/Head-Builder

Savage Nation is now open to the public. Hope you all enjoy it  

-----------------------------------==============={ Update }===============-----------------------------------

We are now back online and we have fixed the bug if this does happen again the Survival Server will be closed until we announce it is open again on the website.

-----------------------------------==============={ Update }===============-----------------------------------

Hello, Minecrafter's

As some of you know we have found a huge bug in the survival server that has tipped the economy Everyone over $30,000 Will be set at $30,000 This is because of what happened twice last night we are looking into what caused this but we have no leads we are very sorry for the downtime and are working on it. If anyone knows how this issue developed please PM me or comment on the post so we can get a fix in place to re-open the server

Thanks Pro_Miner909 Head-Admin 

kingalle7 Member R.I.P. 400k i will miss you
Pigbull320 Server Build weird, i seem to not be able to join any server, including survival.. most be a bug... hint hint wink wink...

Hello, Users!

We think it's time to get creative and release what you are made of. We are throwing a contest to win a FREE Donator rank

What do we have to do?

All you have to do is build a great build such as a house or hotel etc.... 

How do I show a staff member?

Post here --->


END DATE: 7th August 

Reward Supporter Rank This will be added to ALL Servers


Price: 25 USD

7 Sethomes
/chest 3 Rows
/SpeedBoost 1-4Gives the player speed boost (faster running)
/JumpBoost 1-4Gives the player jump boost (higher jumping)
/Haste 1-4Gives the player haste (faster digging)
/ci (Clears Your Inventory Staff Will Not Help If You Cleared It By Accident)
/Disguise (Cow, Sheep,Pig,Sheep,Squid,Chicken,Rabbit,Blaze,Creeper) (Disguises Coming Soon)
/Ptime (Changes it to day or night MOBS WILL STILL SPAWN ONLY AT NIGHT IN GAME)
Ability To Mine Spawners
Ability To Create Coloured Signs
/Nick (No Colour) (Abuse Of This Will Result In The Staff Team Removing Access For /Nick From You!)
Access To The Server When It Is Full
/Kit Supporter (Usage Every 2 Days)
Iron Helmet EnchantedProtection 2Unbreaking 2
Iron Chestplate EnchantedProtection 2Unbreaking 2
Iron Leggings EnchantedProtection 2Unbreaking 2
Iron Boots EnchantedProtection 2Unbreaking 2
Iron Sword EnchantedSharpness 2Unbreaking 2
8 Steak
16 Oak Logs
8 Iron Ingots
4 Gold Ingots

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