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Server: Survival Subject: Updates

Pro_Miner909 aHead-Admin posted Tue at 7:59

Hello, as some of you know the survival server has been in maintenance for the last hour and I am here to tell you why

We have had multiple requests to add PVP at night time only so people can feel safe to build during the day. A jobs plugin so people can take on jobs to earn cash. Lottery so players can enter the lottery and hope to become a millionaire Also I have had the marriage plugin requested by a few users.

All the plugins requested have been added to the server and are fully working! 

Hope to see you guys on soon!

serpenterafang Member OMG u spelled fully wrong. like wew

Hello, Minecrafters

As some of you know we have a minigames server OFFLINE currently we are looking for great map creators to come along and help us build. If you want to be apart of that apply here! - Bigger the builds the better the chance!!!

The creative server is now finished and we can now officially open the creative server to the Public

Hello, minecrafter's

As some of u know we have had a few bugs that stoped abit of gameplay. We have identifiyed some of them listed below.

Regions some regions not set correctly

Arenas few arena's broken

Disposal signs Couldn't use the signs at spawn

Factions chests Couldn't raid offline players

Command spam You could only do the same command twice KNOWN ERROR

We have now FIXED All known errors and have restarted the server. 

Hope to see you again soon. 

We Are Now Open

Pro_Miner909 aHead-Admin posted Jun 18, 15

After the long wait we have now opened to the public!

serpenterafang Member After the long wait, we have now opened to public. COMMA^
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