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European Players Wanted

sonofmoosey aAdmin posted Nov 17, 15

Hello Minecrafters!

In order to diversify our player base we are looking for players in the following timezones: GMT -1/0/+1/+2/+3 & GMT +7/+8/+9/+10 to join our ranks and staff! If any of you live or know people who live in these zones, you can refer 3 friends to the server and get a reward!

Happy Minecrafting!

MrMrWolf Trainee What is the reward
MacAllister02 Member I'm from ireland
Luigi252 Member I live in Sweden /EU but my timezone CET +01:00

Staff Changes

sonofmoosey aAdmin posted Nov 8, 15

Hello Minecrafters!

For the next few days you will most likely be seeing changes in the arrangment of staff on our servers.

First of all Pro_miner909 has retired from our staff. He was been a valuable asset to the server, and we are saddened to not have him as Head-Admin any longer. I hope you join me in wishing him well in his future endevours.

On the plus side, we are welcoming SleepKoala as a new Trainee, as well as Kerzo_ becomming Moderator! Make sure to give them a warm welcome as they begins their duties!

Thank you for your patience, and happy Minecrafting!

~WantedCraft Managment

DaCatUHate Member Nice job you guys! I feel sorry for Pro_Miner909, but what happens, happens. Hope to see Koala in the field and Kerzo he...
Kerzo_ Moderator Thanks for that moosey

Hello Minecrafters!

After hours of hard work from the staff and some awesome helpers, WantedPVP is now Open for Buisness!!! If any of you find any issues or possible improvments please don't hesitate to tell the staff in the Server Discussion section of the forums.

Happy Minecrafting!

Weeee're bAaaaaaaack...

webjocky a posted Apr 15, 15

We've been through some rough patches, but we pulled through and have mostly everything back to "normal".

If you're still having issues with ranks and have not posted in the forums, open a ticket.

We have a lot of great things in store for the future (puzzles/mazes mini games with prizes etc...), so be sure to check back often as we continue to update the servers and grow the community.

Most importantly: have fun!

-The WantedCraft Team

The phoenix rises again!

OldManSr a posted Apr 13, 15

Dear Minecrafters and WantedPvP Community.

We are in the final hours of the reset and reconstruction of the original (and only official) WantedPvP server!

We really appreciate your patience in these times of setback and reconfiguration. The spawn you will be coming into on the reset is an old spawn that Sudzzy (owner of Origin/old Wanted developer) and Yomama362 (Former Head-Admin) put together and built for us. Thank you gentlemen! It will be the spawn until we have the New Hub built and ready.

We made this decision in order to get some game time back for you, the WantedPVP community. We are shooting for mid to late afternoon launch. Please tell ALL your friends. Most bans will be lifted and we encourage all to come and enjoy, read the rules, and have fun..

...after all, this is a game and FUN is what it is all about!

-The WantedCraft Team

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